March Rhetoric Reading Group

Gwen Gorzelsky (Director of Composition) has graciously agreed to facilitate at the next RRG meeting scheduled for  March 8. The three shorter texts that she selected nicely parallel current conversations in the department around transfer, genre, and metacognition, particularly as these topics intersect with rhetorical theory. We are really excited that Gwen is participating and hope to see many of you there. As always, print-outs of these materials will be left in the ninth floor mail room for copying purposes. Details below:

Nowacek, Rebecca s. “Transfer as Recontextualization.” Agents of Integration: Understanding Transfer as a Rhetorical Act. Studies in Writing and Rhetoric Ser. Carbondale: SIUP, 2011. 10-34. (will be made available in PDF form)

Reiff, Mary Jo and Anis Bawarshi. “Tracing Discursive Resources: How Students Use Prior Genre Knowledge to Negotiate New Writing Contexts in First-Year Composition.” Written Communication. 2011 (28.3): 312-337.

Negretti, Raffaella. “Metacognition in Student Academic Writing: A Longitudinal Study of Metacognitive Awareness and Its Relation to Task Perceptions, Self-Regulation, and Evaluation of Performance.” Written Communication. 2012 (29.2): 142-179.

Date: Friday, 3/8/2012

Time: 3:00 – 5ish

Location: Motor City Brewing Works (2nd & Canfield)


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