May Rhetoric Reading Group


For the Rhetoric Reading Group meeting in May we’ll be reading four shorter texts on race and teaching. These texts are:

  • Introduction and Section 1 (“Silence”) from David E. Kirkland’s A Search Past Silence: The Literacy of Young Black Men  (2013) – pp. 1 – 37 Note: We’ve had some difficulty getting this text in a timely fashion so we are substituting the chapter from Kirkland’s A Search Past Silence with a previous shorter article that covers some of the same ground – “Books Like Clothes: Engaging Young Black Men With Reading”
  • Chapter 1 from Jennifer Trainor’s Rethinking Racism: Emotion, Persuasion, and Literacy Education in an All-White High School (2008)
  • Short selection from Beverly J. Moss’ A Community Text Arises (2003) – pp. 152 – 161
  • Short selections from Teresa Brennan’s Transmission of Affect (2004) – pp. 118-121 and 134-135

All texts (and text selections) have been distributed as PDFs via email at this point. If you missed these, please contact Derek Risse.

Place: 9th Floor Conference Room (9304)

Time/Date: 1-3pm, May 3rd (right before Ruth Ray’s party)


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